Troubleshooting Exports

If you're having trouble with your export or spreadsheet, click a topic below for more information:

Characters displaying as question marks in CSV exports

If characters are showing up as question marks in your CSV exports, change your text encoding to UTF-8 format.

Only CSV exports available

If your survey has more than 100,000 responses or the total number of responses multiplied by questions equals over 100,000, only CSV exports are available.

Data all in one column

Try opening the file as a CSV. When you download the XLS format, the download also includes a CSV folder. Use the Text Import Wizard to help you with the process.

When using the Text Import Wizard, select Delimited, Comma, and Text in the prompts.

Time stamp or Date/Time question data doesn't show

The info is there, but it's hidden. Edit the cells in Excel:

  1. Right-click on the affected cells and select Format Cells.
  2. Go to the Number tab.
  3. From the Time category, choose the desired format, then click Ok.
File too large

There is a limit of 3000 answers for PDF exports. An answer is the total number of survey responses multiplied by the number of questions in the survey.

No data for rating scale question

If you used a Rating Scale question, you need to add column choices or labels in the survey design in order for the data to export to the spreadsheet.

  1. Go to the Design Survey section of your survey.
  2. Find the Rating Scale question you used.
  3. Add column choices or labels and save.
  4. Go the Analyze Results section of your survey and export again.
Export won't open

If your export won't open, you might need to decompress the file or enable pop-ups in your browser.

Many formatting issues are resolved by using the Text Import Wizard to open a CSV. Format cells to change the date or number format.

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