Payment Processing Times

Processing times for physical mail sent to our offices are currently delayed indefinitely due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please contact support with any questions.

Processing Times

The time it takes to process your payment depends on the payment method you used. It can also vary by bank and country.

You'll need to add the SurveyMonkey invoice number on a check, or wire transfer so we can tie it to your account and get your payment all sorted.

These are the average processing times from when you send your payment:

Payment MethodAverage Processing TimeAccess to Paid Features
Credit Card or Debit CardImmediately (if your payment doesn't go through, see: Credit Card Payments)Immediately after checkout
Direct Bank Deposit or Wire Transfer3–5 business days from when you send the transferOnce the payment is processed
Check (US only)5–10 business days from when you mail the checkOnce the payment is processed
Direct Debit (SEPA)3–5 business days after checkoutImmediately after checkout
PayPal3–5 business days (if your payment doesn't go through, see: PayPal Payments)Immediately after checkout

Proof of Payment

If the average processing time has passed and you're still waiting for your paid features to be turned on in your account, sorry about that! Please send an email on over to our support team with your proof of payment so we can help you track it down.

Please include all of the following info in your email (depending on your payment method, of course):

Payment MethodProof of Payment
Direct Bank Deposit or Wire Transfer
  • Your SurveyMonkey invoice number
  • The benefactor details (who’s sending payment)
  • The beneficiary details (who’s receiving payment)
  • Individual reference number
  • The letterhead of the processing bank
  • Your SurveyMonkey invoice number
  • Remitter name or the name on the checking account
  • Check number
  • Amount of the check
  • Address the check was sent to
  • Date the check was cashed
Other (or if you don't have the above info available)
  • Your SurveyMonkey invoice number
  • Payment cash date
  • Payment amount
  • Payer name
  • Payer reference number
You'll have access to paid features once we receive your payment. Processing time depends on the payment method you used and can vary by bank and country.

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