Adding & Editing Questions

After you create your survey and name it, you can start setting up your questions. Editing existing questions is easy—just click on a question to edit.

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Adding a New Question from Scratch

When you add a new question to your survey, all the editing options appear so you can set it up the way you want.

To create your own question from scratch:

  1. In the Design Survey tab, go to the BUILDER section of the sidebar.
  2. Find the question type you'd like to add to your survey. Hover over any question type to see an example and learn more.
  3. Add the question to your survey—either drag and drop it into your survey, or hover over it and click ADD to place it at the end of your survey.
  4. Type your question text and answer choices, and review the available options and settings.
  5. Click Save.


More Ways to Add Questions

If you’ve already written your questions outside of SurveyMonkey, or you want expert help to make sure you’re asking the right thing, there are a few more ways to add questions to your survey.

Use Pre-Written Expert Questions

You can use the Question Bank to choose from hundreds of pre-written questions designed by our survey experts. Some Question Bank questions have benchmarks, so you can compare your results to industry averages.

Copy and Paste Questions in Bulk

If you've already written some of your survey questions outside of SurveyMonkey, save time by copying and pasting the questions and answers in bulk.

Use Question Type Prediction

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: This feature is only available when you're using SurveyMonkey in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, or Dutch.

If you're not sure which question type to use, we can help. We can analyze your question text as you type it, and recommend a question type to use.

To use question type prediction:

  1. Click +New Question on the Design Survey page.
  2. Type your question text and we'll automatically suggest a question type and update the display below. Use the dropdown menu to manually update the question type, if needed.
  3. Type your answer choices and review the available options and settings.
  4. Click Save.


Question Settings

Each question has additional settings you can configure under the Edit, Options, Logic, and Copy tabs.


Add or update your question text and answer choices, and turn on additional settings that affect what kind of data your question collects. For example, you can configure weights, turn on quiz mode, or add an "Other" field for comments.

To edit a question, just click on it to open the question.


Change your validation options and how your question is displayed. For example, you can choose to require an answer, or change the question size and layout.


For some closed-ended question types, you can add logic to direct respondents to either a later page, or a specific question on a later page, based on their answer to the question.


Copy the question to create a duplicate version in another place in your survey.

TIP! To learn more about the specific options and settings available for each question type, find the article on your question type here.


Switching Question Types

When you edit a question, you can change the question type using the dropdown menu to the right of the question text.


If a question has Question Skip Logic applied to it, or has already collected responses, you can't change the question type.

Also, you can't switch to or from the following question types:


Adding, Hiding, or Deleting Answer Choices

You can add, delete, or hide answer choices, row choices, and column choices using the buttons to the right of those fields:

+Add a new answer choice, row choice, or column choice.
-Delete the corresponding answer choice, row choice, or column choice. This option is only available if the question hasn't collected responses.
dHide the corresponding answer choice, row choice, or column choice so it won't show to future respondents. This option is only available if the question has collected responses.
TIP! If you have a large number of answer choices, click + Bulk Answers to copy and paste all answers in Bulk.


Add new questions to your survey from the BUILDER, QUESTION BANK, or by clicking +New Question on the Design Survey page. When you add a new question, an editing view appears where you can enter your question text and customize the question. All question types, including Text and Image, count towards the 10-question limit of the Free plan.

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