PAID FEATURE: Integrations are only available on paid plans.

Use an integration to connect your forms to a variety of platforms and do things like accept payments, add people to a mailing list, or store uploaded files.

Campaign MonitorLet users opt in to a mailing list. Automatically add contacts to Campaign Monitor campaigns when a user provides contact info through your form.
AsanaFeed your form data directly into an Asana project to take action.
HighriseAutomatically create a new contact in Highrise whenever contact information is collected through a form.
MailChimpLet users opt into a mailing list. Automatically add contacts to MailChimp when a user provides contact info through your form.
SalesforceCreate a new Salesforce Lead or Contact automatically when someone fills out your form.
TwitterSend a tweet with a user provided link when someone fills out your form.
TypekitAdd Typekit fonts to the Theme Designer and use them on your forms.
WebhookIf you're a developer, you can have a form send metadata about entries to any Webhooks you’ve set up. Check out our API documentation for more info.
ZapierConnect your forms to hundreds of other apps to streamline your workflow.

You can use Wufoo to collect payments through your form. These integrations let you accept payments for good, services, or subscriptions.

Authorize.netAccept payments via credit card or Authorize.net’s eCheck service.
BraintreeAccept payments with Braintree.
ChargifyAllow users to sign up for a subscription product and pay with Chargify.
PayPal Payflow ProAccept payments in the US and internationally with PayPal.
PayPal StandardRedirect users to PayPal to pay for items they selected on your form.
PayPal Website Payments ProAccept payments in the USA, Canada, and Great Britain with PayPal.
SquareAccept payments in USD, CAD, GBP, AUD, and JPY payments with Square.
StripeAccept payments by redirecting users to Stripe.
Stripe SubscriptionAllow users to sign up and pay for a subscription and redirect them to Stripe to accept payment.
USA-ePayAccept payments with USA-ePay.

Some of these payment processors may require Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) under the EU Payment Services Directive(PSD2). People in Europe who submit payment through your form may need to provide additional authentication. It's not possible to disable this authentication when payment processors require it.

Tip! See Choosing a Payment Merchant to help choose the right payment integration.

For info on how to add an integration to your form, click on the integration you want to add in the tables above.

To delete an integration:

  1. Log in and go to Forms.
  2. To the right of the form,
    • If you're using legacy Wufoo, click Edit, then click Add integrations.
    • If you're using the new Wufoo experience, click the . More icon, then click Integrations.
  3. Click the red x at the top right of the integration.