Enterprise Team Seats, Roles and Permissions

ENTERPRISE TEAMS: This article is for some Enterprise teams. If you have Team Advantage or Team Premier, see Team Seats Roles and Permissions.

Your seat and role on a team controls what account permissions you have and how you can work together with your team.

Some Enterprise teams have a set number of Power seats and unlimited Casual seats. To see if your Enterprise plan has Casual seats included, reach out to your CSM.

Within these two seat categories, role assignments create your team’s collaboration structure. Here are the seats and their various roles:

PowerPrimary AdminThe Primary Admin is in charge of billing, library management, and role assignments.
PowerAdminAdmins get most of the same permissions as the Primary Admin, including the ability to manage divisions, libraries, and roles.
PowerDivision AdminDivision Admins manage their assigned divisions, people in those divisions, and their division libraries.
PowerPower UserPower Users can create and share surveys using all the Enterprise features and tools, with access to paid integrations.
CasualCasual UserCasual Users have access to simple SurveyMonkey features and can create surveys and preview teammates’ work. Some Enterprise teams have unlimited Casual seats.
  • Legacy

Here’s a handy comparison guide between the different features available to Power seats and Casual seats:

Building Surveys

 Building SurveysPowerCasual
Unlimited surveys
Unlimited questions10 questions per survey
Advanced questions (matrix, comment box, click map, star rating, a/b tests, file upload, etc.)Essential question types
Logic (skip logic, answer piping, randomization, disqualification, quotas, custom variables, etc.)Can’t add logic
Advanced logic (advanced branching*, advanced piping*)✅ *Can’t add logic
Multilingual surveys*✅ *Can’t add translation file


Team themes
Premium and custom themesStandard themes
Custom chart colorsDefault chart colors
Hide branding (survey footer, shared data, closed page)SurveyMonkey branding
Add your logoCan't add logo
Custom url endingRandomly-generated url ending
White label url
Survey end page (plus custom thank you, custom disqualification)SurveyMonkey end page


Sending PowerCasual
Send as often as you need and no response cap
Advanced collectors (email invitation, website embed, offline kiosk*, text message*, QR code, etc.)✅ *Web Link only
Survey recurrenceCan’t auto generate surveys
Smart notificationsCan’t trigger emails
Integrations and direct API accessCan't access


View all responses
Export dataExports (except SPSS)*, shared data pages, and dashboards
Unlimited rules and filters on surveys you ownApply one rule at a time
Unlimited rules and filters on surveys shared with youView only
Combined filtersCan’t add combined filters
Saved viewsShared data pages and dashboards
Crosstab reportsShared data pages and dashboards
Advanced analysis (response quality, sentiment analysis, word cloud, tagging, statistical significance, etc.)Charts and data tables

* Can only export surveys created within your account or shared by another Casual User.


Share and collaborate on surveysView only on surveys shared by Casual seatsView only on surveys shared by Power seats
Collaborate in workgroupsView only
Password protection (survey access, shared data, shared dashboard)Anyone with the link can view
Receive transferred surveysCan’t transfer to Casual seats or receive any transfers
Offline kioskCan’t download offline surveys
Phone supportEmail support only

* Add-on feature available to Power seats depending on plan and admin settings

In addition to the Power seat features, Primary Admins and Admins can do more to manage their team. Here are important differences between the roles:

 Primary AdminAdmin
Add items to the team library
View team summary
View and manage users
Invite users to join the team
Ongoing support from Customer Success Manager
View team activity
Manage billing detailsView only
Manage logins and signups with account controlManage users and invite users
Set default permissions for the entire teamDepends on global setting
Manage global team wide settingsView only, select settings

* To learn about Division Admins, see Divisions

If you want a Power seat, click Request Power Seat at the top of any page to send your Primary Admin a request, or click Request feature when you see a locked feature you’d like to use.

For all other requests, reach out to your Primary Admin. To find their email, click your username in the main navigation, go to My Account, and find your Primary Admin’s email under Account Details.

Click Request Power Seat at the top of any page to see when you sent your request, your Primary Admin’s email, and an option to remind them with one click. You will get an email once the Primary Admin has accepted or declined your request.

Yes—you can always request a Power seat. If you’ve been declined in the past, check in with your Primary Admin to make sure they understand your request.

To manage your Enterprise Team, you must be a Primary Admin or Admin. Division Admins, see Divisions.

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