Data Processing Agreements, Storage, and Transfers (EU)

It's our priority to protect your privacy and handle your data securely. If you are located in the European Union (EU), United Kingdom (UK), or Switzerland, we generally provide services from our subsidiary in Ireland, SurveyMonkey Europe UC. This subsidiary is regulated under European data protection laws and supervised by the Irish data protection authority.

TIP! For more about data transfers to the United States, see our EU Data Transfer and Subprocessor List.

As a global company, SurveyMonkey has data centers in the United States (US), Ireland, and Canada. Most European customer data is stored on servers in the US, as outlined in our Privacy Notice and white paper. Some plans allow storage of data within the European Union,  as outlined in our International Data Center Overview page.

We rely on intra-company agreements including standard contractual clauses to transfer your personal data to our servers in the US maintained by our US parent company, SurveyMonkey Inc.

We provide customer support services from our US, European, Australian, and Canadian offices to ensure around-the-clock coverage. Some data may be exported or accessed to provide support from outside of Europe.

SurveyMonkey was certified under the EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield programs, which granted adequacy to the transfer of personal data from Europe to the US. This method for transfer of personal data has been replaced with our self-certification under the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework (“DPF”), the UK Extension to the EU-U.S. DPF, and the Swiss-U.S. DPF Principles. This means that the European Commission considers SurveyMonkey Inc.’s data protection to be adequately protected under the GDPR. You can verify our status here.

But we don't stop there! We go even further than the requirements of the DPF. We have a cross functional team of data privacy stewards and an active privacy team who have operationalized privacy at all levels of our organization.  We do not just tick certification boxes, we have a strong data protection governance and management program in place and we conduct regular audits of our own internal privacy and security controls to ensure we are benchmarking our progress and constantly improving our data protection program.

We also rely on Standard Contractual Clauses for cross border transfer. For more information, please see our EU Data Transfer and Subprocessor List.

SurveyMonkey offers a Data Processing Agreement (DPA), which includes the most recent EU, UK, and Swiss Standard Contractual Clauses for all self-serve customers.

Our DPA is available in our legal center.

Enterprise customers, please speak to your Customer Success Manager for information on your contractual processing terms with SurveyMonkey.

Customer data for SurveyMonkey Apply (formerly known as FluidReview) is stored on servers located in Canada or the US. Apply customers should be aware that for certain reasons their data may still be accessed in the US. For example, we provide customer support and billing support from our US offices.

With the exception of Apply, the information provided on this page applies to all other SurveyMonkey products, like Wufoo and TechValidate.