Account Types and Account Ownership

Your account type - listed in Account Details for paid individual plans - determines how we interact with your account. Because our paid services are primarily intended for use by businesses and professional users, your account type is set as Business by default.

Team and Enterprise accounts are always considered Business accounts. However, if you have a paid, individual plan and you are primarily using our service for personal, family or household purposes, we ask that you log in to your account and update your account type to Consumer (Personal) so that we may better understand such personal use of our platform and services. 

First, in the Account Details section of the My Account page, click Edit next to Business in the Account type field.

Then, on the Account type screen, select the Consumer (Personal) option, and click Save.

The owner of your account and the data in it depends on your plan type listed in the Account Details section of the My Account page. 

If you have an Enterprise or Team account, we regard the organization to be the owner of the team and all the accounts on that team. 

This makes it easier for organizations to ensure they retain ownership and control of all surveys and survey data contained in the User, Admin, and Primary Admin accounts. SurveyMonkey doesn’t claim ownership of the survey questions your organization creates or responses it collects through its accounts.

The organization, or a verified representative of it, is responsible for payment obligations and has the ability to manage all the team's accounts—even if that representative is not an account holder.

If you have an individual plan and have not joined a team, the email address listed in My Account is considered the sole owner of, and is accountable for, the account and information created and collected using our system. If your email address is a work email address, then your organization will be considered accountable for the account and information created and collected using our system.

Each SurveyMonkey account is meant for one person and sharing accounts is against our Terms of Use.