SurveyMonkey Audience lets you to buy survey responses for surveys you create in SurveyMonkey. You can target respondents based on specific attributes, like gender, age, income, employment status, and more to get answers from the right people.

Below you’ll find info about our Acceptable Uses Policy to ensure that your survey content meets our requirements, what to do if your survey contains potentially offensive content, and links to SurveyMonkey Audience privacy, confidentiality, and legal info.

All surveys sent through SurveyMonkey Audience must comply with SurveyMonkey's Terms of Use and our Acceptable Uses Policy. Please review the policy to ensure that your survey content meets our requirements. For example:

  • Don't collect personal information from respondents
  • Don't add additional reward incentives
  • Don't use SurveyMonkey Audience for marketing or recruiting efforts
  • Don't link to content outside of the survey, and then ask respondents to return to the survey to answer questions about it

Your Audience survey may be subject to review prior to launch. We won't launch a survey, and we may suspend an order that's in-progress, if we determine it doesn’t adhere to our policies. If we find a content-related issue with your survey, we'll notify you to give you an opportunity to fix the problem before launching or resuming your order.

If your survey doesn't violate the Acceptable Uses Policy, but does contain content that may be vulgar or offensive to some people, please include a disclaimer in a survey introduction that informs respondents about what to expect in your survey, and provide them with the option to exit the survey. For example:

This survey is being conducted by a women's magazine, and it contains sex-related questions that may offend some people. If you do not wish to take this survey, feel free to close your browser tab or window to exit this survey.

Privacy for Panel BuyersThe section of the SurveyMonkey Contribute Privacy Statement relating to Panel Buyers.
Acceptable Uses PolicyReview the Acceptable Uses Policy to ensure that the content of your survey meets our requirements.
SurveyMonkey Audience Terms of ServiceThe terms that govern your SurveyMonkey Audience purchase.

You may be using SurveyMonkey Audience to test new concepts or products for your company, and we understand that this information can be highly confidential. While there is no way to guarantee that respondents won't share information they see in your survey, there are certain guidelines you can follow to ensure that the information you're presenting in the survey 1) can't be traced back to your brand and 2) won't reach your competitors.