SurveyMonkey App FAQs


SurveyMonkey App FAQs


  • What features are included in the SurveyMonkey app?


  • Upgrading Your Account (iOS only)
  • Upgrading Your Account (Android only)
  • SurveyMonkey and Privacy Rights
  • Canceling Auto Renew (Android only)
  • Canceling Auto Renew (iOS only)
  • Adding and Managing Team Members
  • Changing Your Username, Email, or Password


  • Move, Copy, or Delete Questions or Pages
  • Changing the Survey's Theme and Display Options
  • Adding and Editing Questions
  • Creating and Previewing a Survey for Mobile

Sending Surveys

  • Run Your Survey in a Loop with Kiosk Mode
  • Sending Your Survey to Survey Takers

Analyzing Surveys

  • Sharing Your Results
  • Viewing and Filtering Survey Responses

Managing Surveys

  • Managing Survey Alerts
  • Closing a Survey to Stop Collecting Responses

Taking Surveys

  • Taking Surveys with SurveyMonkey Contribute