Salesforce Managed App

Essentials feature: Available on Essentials, Pro, and Ultimate plans.

The Salesforce Managed app gives you a central place inside of Salesforce to view your GetFeedback surveys, distribution results, and key metrics like NPS, CSAT, and CES scores.

The home screen of the Salesforce Managed App shows recent surveys, distribution results, and resources.

To set up the GetFeedback Managed app:

  1. Download and install the GetFeedback Managed app from Salesforce’s AppExchange.
  2. In, select Settings in the left sidebar.
  3. Find the API Access tile, then select Edit.
  4. Copy the API token, then navigate back to Salesforce.
  5. In Salesforce, go to the App Launcher and select the GetFeedback app.
  6. Go to the Setup tab.
  7. Paste the API token into the box, then select Connect. You’ll see a confirmation message when your account is successfully connected.

Once you’ve connected your GetFeedback account, the homepage of the app becomes an easy place to monitor your survey results.

  • In the Recent tab, you can view your six most recently published surveys.
  • The All tab shows a table with a breakdown of your surveys, including number of questions, number of responses, and aggregate NPS, CSAT and CES scores.
  • Select any of your recent surveys to see corresponding distribution information like delivery and open rates. This information isn’t available for surveys sent through a third party, such as a different email provider.
  • Use the drop-downs to sort information by time period or channel type.