Updating Salesforce Campaign Members

Essentials feature: Available on Essentials, Pro, and Ultimate plans.

You can use GetFeedback for Salesforce integration to add Campaign Members to your marketing Campaigns as well.

We can only create Campaign Members from existing leads, contacts, or accounts in your Salesforce instance. We can’t create the contact or lead and add the person to your campaign.

Creating campaign members only works using custom mappings. We can’t create campaign members in Salesforce using managed mappings.

From your survey in, select Mappings > Salesforce Custom Mappings to map your survey to Salesforce. Use the following mappings:

  • Select Campaign Member as the Salesforce object.
  • Select Create a new as the action.

You can also add any other mappings you want. Learn more about creating custom mappings

After creating your mappings, format your survey link to include merge fields for your campaign ID and the contact, lead, or account ID you want to add as a campaign member. These merge fields tell us who to add to the campaign and which campaign we're adding them to. Learn how to add merge fields to your survey link.

Your formatted survey link may look like the sample link below:

The merge fields in the survey link pull in the appropriate Contact ID and Campaign ID when you send the survey from Salesforce. When a recipient takes your survey using the formatted link, we’ll map their information back to Salesforce to create a new campaign member.

You can add the campaign member to multiple campaigns at once by adding multiple campaign IDs to your survey link.