You can use the Relay42 integration in GetFeedback to implement your web button or in-page script, push campaign data to Relay42, and trigger a campaign using tag rules.

You can implement your web feedback buttons and In-Page scripts through Relay42.

To implement:

  1. In Relay42, go to the Tag Management section, then go to Tags.
  2. Select New Tag.
  3. Search for and select the Usabilla template tag.
  4. Select the Button code variant.
  5. In GetFeedback, copy your web button IDs:
    • Select Setup under Buttons & Forms.
    • Find your web button, then select Show Javascript code.
    • Copy the Button Id (it's the part after // in the button code.)
  6. In Relay42, paste the GetFeedback button IDs for mobile and desktop in the button code fields.
  7. (Optional) To automatically push GetFeedback campaign results into Relay42, check the box to Enable Relay42 feedback tracking.
  8. (Optional) Specify the tag name and tag firing rules.
  9. Save your tag and publish it to your production website.

You can send GetFeeback campaign results to Relay42as Engagements, which can be used to enrich user profiles in your Relay42 Data Management Platform. You can use these profiles to create customer Segments in Relay42. For example, if you run an NPS campaign through GetFeedback, you can create a segment of happy or unhappy visitors based on their NPS rating.

To push campaign results to Relay42:

  1. In Relay42, go to Tag Configuration for your GetFeedback tag.
  2. Check the box Enable Relay42 feedback tracking.

All question and answer values will be pushed to Relay42 as Engagements. For open text fields, we'll submit the entire answer.

Relay42 can fire tags based on specific targeting rules. you can use these tag rules to trigger a GetFeedback web campaign.

  1. Create your web campaign in GetFeedback. At the User targeting step, toggle on the targeting option Manual trigger (with javascript).
  2. In Relay42, go to the Tag Management section, then go to Tags.
  3. Select New Tag.
  4. Search for and select the Usabilla template tag.
  5. Select the Trigger variant.
  6. In the next window, define the trigger name. The default name is manual trigger, which is the default trigger name in GetFeedback.
  7. Select Next, then save your trigger.
  8. Reopen the tag and select the Settings button.
  9. Define when the tag should be fired. The list below shows some of the popular tag rules:
    • Country
    • Experiment (split test)
    • Based on a Selection (segment)
    • Visitors that are logged in
    • Visitors that viewed a specific product
    • Visitors that left negative feedback through GetFeedback Digital
    • Any other segment you’ve created in Relay42

Learn more about tag rules in Relay42

If you plan to use multiple manual triggers, use different names for each trigger. Make sure the trigger name in GetFeedback and Relay42 match exactly.