Welcome to GetFeedback for Apps. In this guide, we‘ll cover the non-technical side of the implementation, along with an overview of the technical side.

You need the following to use GetFeedback with your app:

  • Access to GetFeedback for Apps in your account
  • Native iOS or Android app
  • Minimum OS support of iOS 9.0+ or Android 4.1+

Before you can trigger an app campaign, you need to create a campaign and an app in your GetFeedback account. The campaign is connected to an App ID, and the App ID is connected to the SDK.

Before creating your forms, your development team needs to implement the SDK in your app. To set up an app campaign, you'll also need the app ID from GetFeedback.

Here are the links to our SDK documentation:

To trigger an app campaign, initialize the GetFeedback Digital SDK with the App ID that’s connected to the specific campaign.

To find the App ID:

  1. Go to Apps > Campaigns > Overview.
  2. On the overview page, select the campaign you want to find the App ID for. This will expand the bar and show the name of the app it’s connected to.
  3. Select New Campaign.
    On the next page, you’ll be asked to type in a new campaign name. Ignore this and close the dialog box. You’ll see a list of all the apps created in your account, including the App IDs.

GetFeedback for Apps helps you capture two types of feedback from users of your native Android and iOS apps:

  • Passive feedback is manually activated by a customer when they run into something to share with you.
  • Active feedback automatically asks specific questions to your user at a time you’ve set.

Let's start with your passive feedback form. A passive feedback form is a form you add to your app, where your users can easily see it. Customers will use this feedback form when they’ve found a bug or something’s unclear. 

You’ll manage your GetFeedback for Apps implementation on the following pages: 

  • The dashboard shows you aggregated results. This page helps you to keep an overview of your feedback at a glance. Learn more
  • The feedback page holds your actual feedback items. Read your feedback, label individual items or export your data for further analysis. Learn more
  • The setup page is where you create and maintain your feedback forms. After implementation, this page will allow you to change the questions in your app without code changes. Since we'll also use this page for the initial setup of the form, we'll discuss this page further in this article. 

In the GetFeedback interface you can specify your form's questions, colors and advanced options. Detailed information about the different options is available here.

After you've created your feedback form, you'll be able to find a Form ID on the Feedback Setup page in your account. Your developers will need this Form ID for the implementation.

After creating your form, you'll be able to preview it using the GetFeedback preview app. The preview app can be found in the App Store or the Google Play store. Download the app and navigate to the installation page of your feedback form. The installation page can be accessed from the setup page by click your app and then clicking "Install".

Scan the QR code to preview your form.

Now that we familiarized ourselves with passive feedback, it's time to look at the active feedback functionality. Active feedback can best be described as targeted in-app surveys that allow you to ask specific questions to a specific set of your users.

Contrary to passive feedback forms, active feedback surveys are implemented through a container. This container requires a one-time implementation after which you'll be able to activate or edit surveys on the fly.

Active feedback is managed from the Campaign overview interface. For each campaign, you'll be able to configure the campaign itself and view the results.

Each survey has the following sections:

  • A performance overview which provides a quick overview of the number of views and responses for your campaign.
  • A status toggle that can activate or deactivate the campaign.
  • The editor which allows you to create or edit the survey questions or targeting options.
  • The results consist of a CSV-export functionality and charts for each question in your survey.

A new GetFeedback for Apps active feedback survey can be configured in your GetFeedback account. Through the editor, you can create your questions and determine the targeting settings. Learn more

In the first step of the survey editor, you are asked to connect your survey to an app. The ID of this app is needed by your developers to implement the GetFeedback SDK in your app.

After creating your form, you'll be able to preview the form using the GetFeedback preview app. The preview app can be found in the App Store or the Google Play store. Download the app and navigate to the installation page of your feedback form. Access the installation page from the setup page by clicking your app and then clicking "Install" at the mid-right.

Scan the QR code to preview your survey.