Turning a Survey On or Off

GetFeedback lets you close a survey or limit the time a survey is available to collect responses. Depending on how you send your survey, you can limit the survey availability period for just one respondent, several respondents, or for everyone that will receive your survey.

You may be able to close or schedule an end date from the GetFeedback survey builder, or you can use the gf_expire merge field to add an expiration date to your surveys.

To close a survey that was sent using a link:

  1. From your survey, select Distribute > Survey Link.
  2. To immediately stop collecting responses, turn off the toggle next to This link is collecting responses.

You'll see the date and time that response collection was turned off.

To schedule an end date for a survey that was sent using a link:

  1. From your survey, select Distribute > Survey Link.
  2. Select Schedule an end date.
  3. Choose an end date from the calendar popup.
  4. The survey will close at midnight by default. To choose a different time, select the clock icon and customize the time. The time is based on your timezone, not the survey respondent’s.

Use the gf_expire merge field to schedule an end date. This method works best when you want to schedule an end date for an individual or small group of respondents. You can also add gf_expire as an additional merge field to surveys sent out with our Salesforce Automation and HTML and Pardot email templates.

To add gf_expire to your survey link:

  1. From your survey, select Distribute > Survey Link.
  2. Copy the live link to your survey and paste it in a text editor.
  3. Add a question mark ? to the end, then add gf_expire.
  4. Add an equals sign = to the end, then enter the date to end the survey on. Many different formats for expiration date and time should work with gf_expire.

When using the gf_expire merge field with Salesforce, your syntax should look like this:


  • Include the end date in YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • Add the letter T, which comes before the end time.
  • Add the end time in HH:MM:SS format.
  • Add the letter Z, which represents the time zone (UTC).

Here’s an example of a formatted link. This link expires at 2:00PM UTC on January 1, 2020.

If you’re using additional merge fields, you can add them to your survey link before or after the gf_expire merge field, with an ampersand (&) separating them.

Disabling a survey link in the GetFeedback survey builder does not disable an active Web Overlay survey. To stop collecting responses on a Web Overlay survey:

  1. From your survey, select Distribute > Website > Web Overlay.
  2. In the bottom left of the screen, turn off the toggle next to This website survey is active and will display on your website.

Once you turn off the toggle, the label should read This website survey is inactive and will not be displayed on your website.

Image showing the toggle off status when closing web overlay survey

You can only close surveys that were sent using a survey link. If you use Send to a List, Salesforce Automation, or Visualforce, you can schedule an end date before sending your survey.

If a survey was sent without a scheduled end date, contact GetFeedback support to close the survey.

Before sending your survey via Send To a List, select Schedule an end date at the bottom of the email builder to set an end date. Your survey will turn off on that selected date and won't collect any other survey responses.

To schedule an end date when using Salesforce Automation:

  1. From your survey, select Distribute > Email > Salesforce Automation.
  2. For Allow recipients to access the survey for, select how long your survey should stay active.
  3. Continue building your email. Learn more about automated emails with Salesforce

You can also use this method for Salesforce automated emails.

To set an end date on a Visualforce email template:

  1. Include a gf_expire merge field as an Additional Field when you’re adding merge fields in the Visualforce template builder.
  2. For the Merge Field Value, enter the date and time to end the survey. You can use a date using Salesforce syntax or add a merge field to pull in the expiration date.
    • Specific date: Enter a date and time using Salesforce datetime format
    • Date from a merge field: Use a merge field to pull in a date from Salesforce.
      Example: gf_expire = relatedTo.ExpirationDate__c