Using Merge Fields in Survey Logic

Essentials feature: Available on Essentials, Pro, and Ultimate plans.

When building an survey, you can set up specific rules for the survey to follow based on the respondent's information and answers using the GetFeedback logic branching tool.

When building logic in your GetFeedback survey, you’ll choose to base the logic on a response, merge field, or other response attribute. With logic branching based on merge fields, you can create a rule based on any merge field used in your survey.

To make merge fields available for survey logic:

  • Add merge fields to your survey link. Learn more
  • Submit at least one complete survey response with the merge fields included to have your merge fields available to select, and use as building blocks in your logic builder. A survey link with merge field values filled in may look like this:

To speed things up, you can manually enter your survey linkURL in your browser window and complete the survey response. Be sure to Submit the survey response, so GetFeedback will count the response as completed.

Once you've submitted the survey once, your merge fields should appear within the GetFeedback response table. You can now use the merge fields in your survey logic. Learn more about using survey logic