Conditional Logic

Essentials feature: Available on Essentials, Pro, and Ultimate plans.

The conditional forms question is a drop down question for the feedback button that lets your visitors select the subject of their feedback. It allows you to show them relevant follow-up questions based on their answer and helps you categorize incoming feedback based on the answer.

To create a conditional form:

  1. In, under Buttons & Forms, select Setup.
  2. To build a new button, select Create a new button. Learn more about creating feedback buttons. To update an existing form, find the feedback button, then select Edit Feedback form.
  3. Under Conditional Forms on the left side of the screen, select Drop down. (You may need to scroll to find this option.)
  4. Enter a Title for the question.
  5. Enter the Field name that will be used as the column name when exporting your feedback data.
  6. Enter the Empty value for when no choice is selected.
  7. Create the Conditions you want to appear in the drop-down. You can use the default title and values or use your own.
  8. To add another conditional form, go to the Add new condition section, enter a condition Name and Value, then select +.
  9. To add or edit labels for each condition, select Edit under Auto labels, then edit the labels. These labels will be applied to the feedback sent through that conditional form.
  10. To set a conditional form as the default, select the check mark next to a condition.
  11. When you’re done managing conditions, select Ok. Your conditional forms display as tabs on your feedback form.
  12. Select each tab to edit the conditional forms. Add specific questions related to the condition - for example, if you have a Bug condition, you may want to ask respondents to describe the problem.