Feedback Buttons on Apps

Responsive websites can adapt to different screen sizes. If your website is responsive for mobile devices, you may need to implement your web buttons and forms differently.

You can create feedback buttons that work on your website when people view it on a mobile device.

To use a feedback button with your website on mobile devices, create two feedback buttons in your account; one for desktop and one for mobile devices. The feedback forms can be identical, or you can apply minor changes to your mobile feedback buttons.

Use the Copy form from method to copy questions and design from your desktop form to the mobile one.

Once you set up both of your buttons, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get a special GetFeedback Combicode. When you use this Combicode, GetFeedback will detect the respondent's device and automatically show the right button. When using the Combicode, your active survey campaigns will be segmented per device.

Since mobile screens are smaller, it's best to use a smaller feedback button design for your mobile button. The common size for a mobile button consists of a length of 75px and a width/height of 25 px.
To avoid covering button content on the sides, it's best to show your mobile button at the bottom of the screen. The screenshot below shows you the most common positioning and size of a mobile feedback button. Once you create a design for your feedback button, upload your feedback button to your account.

Feedback forms are responsive and automatically scale according to screen size. This means that you can apply the same feedback form design for mobile and desktop devices.

It's best to use a font size of at least 16 px in your mobile form to make sure the mobile screen browser doesn't zoom in when someone selects an input field. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to add a theme with the right font size to your account.

Respondents on mobile devices may experience difficulty interacting with certain elements on your website and feedback forms. Consider the following when creating your feedback form:

  • Limit the amount of questions in your form. A simple form with a mood rating question and an open comment field is easier to use on mobile devices.
  • Don't ask your users to select specific elements on your web page. Only collect a generic, full-page screenshot instead. Learn more about collecting generic feedback

Web campaigns may need to be adjusted to work on mobile devices.

If respondents may access your web campaign on mobile devices, use a Full Survey format. Slide-out surveys may not fit on smaller screens. This means that you will have to be a bit more careful about when and where you are going to show this Full Survey to your mobile users.

It’s best to limit the number of open text questions on mobile devices. Since mobile devices use a smaller screen, it may be less convenient for people on mobile devices to use the keyboard.

Consider using checkboxes, drop downs, or radio buttons. You can always add an "other" option which allows respondents to add extra input.

On mobile devices, it's not possible to use the targeting option Potentially leaving the page after X seconds. This targeting option is based on a mouse-out movement, which is not available on mobile devices.