GetFeedback accepts different methods of payment depending on the plan you've signed up for. Legacy (standalone) GetFeedback plans pay by credit card on their Settings > Payment & Pricing page. Other plan types, such as the GetFeedback CX or GetFeedback for Salesforce plans receive a monthly or annual invoice.

If you do business in a state that has sales tax, and GetFeedback maintains a physical presence in that state, your GetFeedback subscription may be subject to sales tax, this information will be on your plan invoice.

If you're subscribed to a GetFeedback CX plan, and you've lost track of your invoice, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, Account Executive, or the GetFeedback support

If you do business in a state with sales tax, and GetFeedback maintains a physical presence in that state, your GetFeedback subscription may be subject to sales tax. You can find the dollar value of the sales tax collected at the bottom of your plan invoice.

Why am I only being charged sales tax now?A recent supreme court case has changed the US sales tax landscape for many out-of-state sellers. The case expanded the sales tax nexus to include economic/digital nexus for sellers that do not have a physical presence in the taxing state. (case citation: 585 U.S 17-494) This change has prompted many technology companies providing Software as a Service (SaaS) to review the states in which they have a sales tax nexus. GetFeedback has a legal obligation to collect and remit sales tax from customers who consume our services in states that are subject to sales tax. From June 1, 2019, in states where we include sales tax on your invoice, you will no longer be required to remit use tax to the state in respect of our services. This removes any use tax liability and compliance burden from you.
If I'm currently not required to pay sales tax, could that change in the future?Yes. If GetFeedback has a physical presence in a state, sales tax nexus may apply. Sales tax would then be applied to invoices from the date a physical presence commenced. As the digital economy continues to grow, we expect the number of states that charge sales tax on SaaS transactions will increase. We will always let you know of any changes to how we charge you.
What happens if I don't provide my zip code?Zip code disclosure is a requirement for all active accounts. If you pay for your GetFeedback plan by credit card, you can update your billing information by navigating to Account Settings > Plan & Payment.
When did you start charging sales tax?We began charging sales tax in applicable states on June 1, 2019.

For all other plans, your invoice will be sent to the billing contact email address we have on file. If you need a new copy of your invoice, contact us.