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How Cookies and Local Storage are Used

GetFeedback for Web’s passive feedback and In-Page widgets don’t use cookies or localStorage. However, GetFeedback campaigns may use cookies and localStorage as detailed below.

GetFeedback for Web campaigns use a functional cookie that provides data to campaigns using the targeting option "Visitors new/returning to the site". If you enable any campaign with this option, we will store a cookie in your visitors' browsers. This cookie only tracks whether visitors are new or returning.

See details about this cookie below:

  • Name: "usbls"
  • Value: 1
  • Duration: session
  • Path: "/"

Besides cookies, GetFeedback stores localStorage objects in visitors’ browsers. For each active campaign, GetFeedback will add one localStorage object. These localStorage objects help make sure visitors see your campaigns at the right time. 

LocalStorage object values vary, depending on your campaign settings. However, all localStorage objects have these properties:

  • Name: "usbl.buttonId.c.campaignId", where "buttonId" is the ID of the installed feedback button and "campaignId" is the analytics ID of the campaign.
  • Value: A description of the different targeting options and their current status, separated by a slash. 
  • Duration: n/a. LocalStorage does not work with expiration dates. 
  • Path: entire website

If we zoom in on the value a bit, the following information is available:

Value FieldField TypeDescription
1True/FalseTracks whether the visitor has already seen/completed the survey. "F" indicates that the visitor has never interacted with the campaign before, while "T" means they did.
2IntegerTracks the current version of the campaign. Each time you edit the campaign, this value will increase by one.
3True/FalseIndicates whether the visitor is eligible for the campaign, if targeted to specific visitors. "T" indicates that the visitor is part of the targeted group, and "F" indicates that the visitor will not see the campaign.
4(null)This value is always empty.
5IntegerCounts the number of pages a visitor viewed on your website since the campaign was created.
6IntegerIndicates the number of days after which a campaign will reset, if the reset option is used. After a reset, visitors that completed or interacted with the campaign will be able to see the campaign again.
7IntegerA timestamp, in milliseconds, that holds the reset date.