When you create your GetFeedback Digital account, you’ll need to set your account time zone because the date and time of your feedback items will be displayed according to this time zone. By default, your account’s time zone is set to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

In this article, we will walk you through the steps needed to update your time zone. The changes that you’ll make only apply to your account and will not affect any team members you may have.

  1. Let's start by logging into your account.
  2. Once you are logged in, click your username at the bottom of the navigation bar, found on the left side of the page. Then select "Account Settings".
    You can also find the Account Settings page here.
  3. In Account Settings, on the Personal Info tab, select the Timezone dropdown and choose a city located within your timezone.
  4. Once you’ve set your time zone, save your changes by clicking Save settings.

You'll use your email address to log into the GetFeedback application. Your email address is also how we'll get in touch with you.

Communications you might receive from GetFeedback by email include:

  • Updates to your account settings
  • Password reset instructions
  • Information about billing and payments
  • Survey response notifications
  • Follow-up emails from the support and success teams.

Your email address on file is also the reply-to address for any of the surveys you own and share by email.

In GetFeedback, you can update your account name and email address:

  1. Navigate to Settings, found in the bottom left corner of the navigation bar.
  2. Next, click Edit on the option labeled User Settings.
  3. Update your email in the section labeled Profile.
  4. Click Update to save your changes.