How to Lock/Unlock Applications

While your application is launched and you are accepting applications, it may be necessary to lock an application to prevent a user from continuing to work on tasks. This article covers how to lock and unlock applications within your site.

The ability to lock and unlock applications allows administrators to stop applicants from continuing with their application until further notice. An application lock can be applied to or removed from applications individually, in batches, or through the use of automations. Locked applications can only be unlocked by an automation or administrator. Some general use cases follow:

After a program has been launched your applicants may bring issues to your attention that were not caught during testing. By manually locking all active applications temporarily you can halt further progress until the program workflow issues have been resolved.

While monitoring applications you may find that an applicant has answered eligibility questions correctly, but are not truly eligible to apply based on responses collected within their application. By locking the application it will give the administrator a chance to reach out to the applicant and verify their information and eligibility before allowing them to progress in the application process.

In some cases, the eligibility quiz may not be the most logical place for eligibility type questions. Using automations, applications can be locked based on specific responses given within a form.

To manually lock application(s):

  1. Go to Manage Applications.
  2. Select the application(s) to lock from further editing.
  3. Select More.
  4. Select Lock.

To manually unlock application(s):

  1. Go to Manage Applications.
  2. Select the application(s) to unlock and allow editing again.
  3. Select More.
  4. Select Unlock.

Applications are commonly locked based on a response given within a form task. Instead of monitoring answers to these questions and manually locking applications that have given a particular response, you can use an automation to perform that action for you. 

Example: An application form contains a question asking how many years the student has been in College/ University, in order to proceed the applicant will need to response one year and above. 

Application TaskA Task has been Edited after CompletionApplication Form

Match ALL conditions

Application FormHow many years have you completed in College/ University?is exactlyUnder one year
Action SourceAction
ApplicationLock the Application

Example: This example shows how to unlock the application when it is moved to a new stage. In this example, select applications are manually locked by an administrator while they verify the application material. If changes need to be made the administrator will move the application to a new application stage titled Applicant Follow-Up and the automation would perform the unlock action automatically.

ApplicationApplication has changed stateApplicant Follow-Up

Not required for this scenario

Action SourceAction
ApplicationUnlock the application