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Response Alerts

Response Alerts notify you by email when you get new survey responses. After getting a one-time alert for your first response, each day you'll get one email that summarizes how many new responses you received for every survey that has Response Alerts turned on.

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What Emails You Get

First Response Email

When you first turn on Response Alerts, we'll send you a one-time alert letting you know when your survey receives its first response.

You should receive this alert within 15 minutes of your first response.

Daily Summary Email

We'll send you one daily overview highlighting all of the active surveys in your account (surveys you own, and surveys shared with you). For each open survey that has recorded new responses, you'll see the number of new responses collected since the last notification and how long the survey has been open. You only receive a daily overview email if new responses have been recorded. If your survey hasn't collected any new responses since the last notification, you won't receive an overview email.

You should receive this alert on weekdays around 8:00 AM. Responses included were collected between 12:00:00 AM and 11:59:59 PM of the previous day.

The email address we send to, the email language, and the time zone for Response Alerts depend on your account settings on the My Account page.

TIP! To get notified in Slack each time you get an individual response, try our Slack Integration. Or use Zapier Integration to get individual response alerts in other apps.


Managing Your Alerts

You can turn Response Alerts on or off for any survey in your account at any time. You can also manage account-wide preferences for managing Response Alerts for surveys you own.

Individual Surveys

To manage your Response Alerts for an individual survey:

  1. Go to the survey's Summary tab.
  2. Find Response Alerts in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click Manage Alerts.
  4. Under Your survey response alert, toggle response alerts on or off.

Account-Wide Preferences

You can manage your account-wide Response Alerts alert preferences.

To manage your Response Alerts for all existing or future surveys you own:

  1. Click your username in the upper-right hand corner of your account.
  2. Choose My Account.
  3. Scroll to General Preferences.
  4. Next to Survey Alerts, click Edit.
  5. Change your preferences.
  6. Click Save.


Sharing Alerts with Others

You can share Response Alerts with other people (in or outside your team)—as long as you're the survey owner.

To share Response Alerts with others:

  1. Go to the survey's Summary tab.
  2. Find Response Alerts in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click Manage Alerts.
  4. Click Share Alerts.
  5. Enter the email addresses of the people you want to share the Response Alerts with. If you're in a team, you can also select team members from the list.
  6. Click Share Alerts.

When you share Response Alerts with someone that's not in your team, they'll receive an initial email when the survey gets its first response. They need to click See Responses and log in to a SurveyMonkey account associated with the same email address so we know which SurveyMonkey account to share the survey (and its Response Alerts) with. As soon as they do that, they'll start receiving the daily summary email.

Survey Permissions

When you share Response Alerts with someone, the survey will be shared with them automatically with the following access levels:

  • View Only to Survey Design
  • No Access to Collect Responses
  • View Only to Analyze Results

If you're part of a team, you can edit sharing permissions on surveys you own at any time, but someone must have at least View Only access to Analyze Results in order to receive Response Alerts for that survey.

Removing Someone from Shared Response Alerts

To remove someone from receiving your shared response alerts:

  1. Go to the survey's Summary tab.
  2. Find Response Alerts in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click Manage Alerts.
  4. Click Share Alerts.
  5. Click View list of current sharees.
  6. Click # next to the people you want to remove.
  7. Click Done.

People you've shared response alerts with can always turn off response alerts for the survey in their own account as well.



Why didn't I get my alert email?

If you turn off push notifications in our mobile app, you also won't receive Response Alert emails. You can change this by turning Response Alerts back on.

If you think you should have received an email and didn't, please try turning Response Alerts off and back on. This should refresh the feature. It's not possible to resend emails you didn't receive, but you should start receiving emails as normal starting the next day.

You can also double check the email address assigned to in the My Account page and make sure it is the correct email address. In addition we do not send emails to role based email addresses like info@company.com, webmaster@company.com, marketing@company.com, etc. In order to receive these emails you will need to change the email address to an individual address.


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