Microsoft Teams Integration

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You can use SurveyMonkey's integration with Microsoft Teams to poll your team, preview and share surveys and responses, and settup notifications.

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Polling a Channel

You can conduct a simple one question poll in any Microsoft Teams channel by typing @SurveyMonkey into the conversation and selecting the SurveyMonkey bot.

Then type your question in the following format making sure to use quotation marks around your question and each answer option.

@SurveyMonkey ask "What day can everyone meet?" "This afternoon" "Tuesday" "Thursday"

The first time you use @SurveyMonkey in a conversation, you'll be prompted to login to the SurveyMonkey account where you'd like to store the responses to your polls.

Once you press Enter, you can preview the survey and set up some options before posting. When you're to start collecting responses click I'm ready, open this poll.

TIP! Your teammates can see you setting up your poll as soon as you start typing. If you want to compose creatively, you may want to write in another document and copy paste your poll into chat. Remember, if you're copy/pasting you'll still need to select SurveyMonkey to properly compose your @ message.
OptionWhat it does
Hide ResultsIf checked, response counts won't display beneath your poll.
Make AnonymousIf checked, how each person answered won't appear in your poll's thread.

Your poll and its responses will be direct messaged to you so you can keep track of it without having to scroll up the conversation. They'll also show up in SurveyMonkey with the question you asked as the survey title.

You can analyze your responses in SurveyMonkey, but changes made to the design, settings, or collector settings of your poll in SurveyMonkey won't change how it looks or behaves in Microsoft Teams.

Using a Connector to Send Notifications

The SurveyMonkey Connector lets you automate and send notifications about your surveys to a Microsoft Teams channel. You can choose to notify the channel each time someone's completed your survey, when a collaborator has commented on your survey design, or send a daily summary showing how many people complete your survey each day.

To add a Connector

  1. Search for and add the SurveyMonkey Connector to the channel you'd like to add notifications to.
  2. Log into your SurveyMonkey account.
  3. Choose your survey.
  4. Select which type of notifications you'd like to send to the channel.

To remove an existing Connector:

  1. Select Connectors for your channel.
  2. In the left column in the Manage section, select Configured.
  3. Find the SurveyMonkey connector and click Manage.

Adding Surveys to a Tab for Collaboration

You can create a tab for your team that shows a preview of your survey design that collaborators can comment on or click through as if they were taking your survey, a view showing responses to your survey with Question Summaries, Data Trends, and Individual Responses, or both a preview and responses.

To create a tab for a survey:

  1. Click to add a new tab in your channel and select SurveyMonkey.
  2. Login to your SurveyMonkey account.
  3. Select your the survey you want to add.
  4. Select whether you want to include a preview, responses, or both.
  5. Click Save.
TIP! Fill out the preview of a survey to understand how it behaves. Don't worry, no responses are recorded from the preview so you won't generate any data you'll have to delete. You can leave general comments in MS Teams or leave a comment on a specific survey question by clicking Go To SurveyMonkey at the top of the preview.

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