Billable Responses (Response Overages)


With a BASIC plan, you can collect unlimited responses for free, but you can only view the first 100 responses of each of your surveys. To view more than the first 100 responses, you need to upgrade to a pro plan.

TIP! If you collected over 1,000 responses on your BASIC plan, you may want to upgrade to an annual plan for unlimited responses. If you upgrade to SELECT Monthly, you'll be charged for any extra responses over 1,000 that you collected (while on your BASIC plan plus during your first month on the SELECT Monthly plan) at the end of your first billing cycle.

SELECT Monthly Plan

The SELECT Monthly plan includes 1,000 responses per monthly billing cycle across all surveys (not 1,000 responses per survey). Unused responses do not roll over. You can check your monthly response count from My Account at any time.

If you exceed 1,000 survey responses in any given monthly billing cycle, there is an additional charge per response:

  • These overage fees appear as Billable Responses  on the following month's invoice.
  • The amount depends on the currency in which you pay for your plan. To review the overage charge price, view the SELECT Monthly pricing details.
  • You're billed automatically to the payment method on file on the start date of the next billing cycle. Your next month and your overages are billed at the same time but as two separate charges.
  • The response count is set back to 0 at the start of the next monthly billing cycle.

If you have a grandfathered PRO Monthly plan, then response overages still apply in the same manner.

Unlimited Responses

Upgrade to an annual plan to view and collect unlimited survey responses.

SurveyMonkey Audience Responses

SurveyMonkey Audience responses are not included in SurveyMonkey plans—this is a separate service you can use to buy respondents to take your survey.

Additionally, if you have a SELECT Monthly plan and you're purchasing over 1,000 responses in SurveyMonkey Audience, you may be charged overage fees since this plan only allows you to collect 1,000 responses per month.

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With a BASIC plan, you can only view the first 100 responses of each of your surveys. The SELECT Monthly plan includes 1000 survey responses per monthly billing cycle. Annual plans included unlimited survey responses.

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