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You can use SurveyMonkey's integration with Microsoft Teams to poll your team and set up notifications.

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Polling a Channel

To poll your team in a channel:

  1. Start a new Conversation.
  2. From the messaging extensions (the icons below the compose box), click and select SurveyMonkey. For quick access in the future, right-click on SurveyMonkey and Pin the app to your messaging extensions.
  3. Select a question type.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Type your question and answer options. You can click Add another to add more answer options or click X to remove options. Multiple Choice questions have a limit of 10 answer options, but you can add unlimited options to a Dropdown question.
  6. Under Configure, check Request comments to let people leave comments.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Choose the Response behavior:
    • Check Make anonymous to not to track and store information that identifies the respondents.
    • Check Hide results to not display results beneath your poll.
  9. Specify the Length (number) and Duration (hours, days, months) the poll should remain open.
  10. Click I’m ready, open this poll.

The first time you use the SurveyMonkey app in a conversation, you’re asked to log in to the SurveyMonkey account where you want to store your poll and it's responses.

Your team can respond to the poll in the conversation. Only one response is recorded per team member. If someone answers multiple times, the most recent answer is saved.

Changes to your survey design or collector options in SurveyMonkey won't change how your poll looks or behaves in Microsoft Teams.

Poll Results

You can view the results of your poll:

  • Under the poll, in your conversation
  • As notifications in your Activity Feed
  • In the Analyze Results section of SurveyMonkey—the poll question is the survey's title


Using a Connector to Send Notifications

The SurveyMonkey Connector lets you automatically send notifications about your surveys to a Microsoft Teams channel. You can choose to notify the channel each time someone completes the survey, when someone comments on your survey design, or sends a daily summary showing how many people complete your survey each day.

To add the Connector:

  1. Search for and add the SurveyMonkey Connector to the channel you want to send notifications to.
  2. Log in to your SurveyMonkey account.
  3. Choose a survey.
  4. Select which notifications you want to send to the channel.

To remove the Connector:

  1. Select Connectors in your channel.
  2. In the left column in the Manage section, select Configured.
  3. Find the SurveyMonkey connector and click Manage.


You can use SurveyMonkey's integration with Microsoft Teams to poll your team and set up notifications.

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