SurveyMonkey Data Transfers and EU Laws

Every day millions of SurveyMonkey customers collect answers to their most pressing questions. It’s their job to make important decisions with that data. And it’s our job to maintain your trust and confidence by handling your data securely and appropriately. Privacy of customer data is a key priority for SurveyMonkey.

We have many customers in countries throughout the EU, including Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Spain. SurveyMonkey generally provides its survey services to customers located outside of the U.S. from our subsidiary in Ireland. This subsidiary’s privacy practices are regulated by the data protection authority in Ireland and also by EU data protection requirements.

Where does SurveyMonkey store customer data?

SurveyMonkey stores European customer data on its servers in the US (except for FluidReview and FluidSurveys). We also provide customer support services from both our US and European offices. As set out in our Privacy Policy, you have consented to your personal data being transferred out of the EU and onto servers located in the United States. These servers are maintained by our U.S. parent company. To facilitate our customers' compliance with European personal data export requirements we have certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield Program.

What is the EU-US Privacy Shield?

The EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Program is a means of legalizing the transfer of personal data from Europe to the US. SurveyMonkey is certified under and complies with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Program and its principles as set forth by the US Department of Commerce and the European Commission regarding the collection, use and retention of personal data from EU member states.

For more details, review the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield section of our Privacy Policy and view SurveyMonkey's Privacy Shield Certification.

You can also learn more about Privacy Shield at

Are there any alternatives to relying on the EU-US Privacy Shield?

One other mechanism you may consider as a possible way to legally transfer personal data to the US is to obtain the consent of your survey respondents to that transfer. You could do this by adding a consent statement at the beginning of your survey along with a question that asks respondents to consent to their survey responses and other personal data being transferred to SurveyMonkey in the US.

Will SurveyMonkey start storing customer data in Europe?

Having servers in Europe is not necessarily a solution with respect to personal data protection. The question customers should ask is where their data will be accessed, not simply where it will be stored.

In the case of many cloud service providers that are global companies, such as SurveyMonkey, customer support, billing support, and other ancillary services like call centers are provided from offices throughout the world to ensure those services are available to customers around-the-clock. Therefore, even though customer data is primarily stored in Europe, that data may be exported and accessed for legitimate and beneficial purposes outside of Europe when you work with a global company. SurveyMonkey has no immediate plans to store customer data in Europe, but we will inform customers if that changes.

I still have questions—who do I contact?

Please contact us through our online form.

Other SurveyMonkey Products

Where do you store my personal data for FluidSurveys and FluidReview?

Customer data for FluidSurveys and FluidReview is stored on servers located in Canada. FluidSurveys and FluidReview customers should be aware that for certain reasons their data may still be accessed in the US. For example, we provide customer support and billing support from our US offices.

What about other SurveyMonkey services like Wufoo and TechValidate?

The information provided on this page applies to those other SurveyMonkey services too.

For European customers, learn more about the EU-US Privacy Shield and where SurveyMonkey stores customer data.

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