Adding a Consent Statement or Privacy Policy

You can ask respondents to agree to a consent statement outlining your data transfer practices, privacy practices, or other policies. Learn more: Data Collection and Privacy Best Practices

Requiring respondents to agree to a consent statement allows you to collect a consent from your survey respondents before they take your survey and prevents respondents from taking the survey if they do not give that consent.

To require respondents to agree to a consent statement:

  1. Go to the Design Survey section of your survey.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the BUILDER in the left sidebar.
  3. Add an Intro Page, then drag and drop W Text on the page.
  4. Enter your consent request language. We suggest that you include a link to the SurveyMonkey Privacy Policy and disclose to respondents that any personal data collected from them in the survey may be transferred to various countries, including the United States and other locations in which SurveyMonkey has offices. See office locations »
  5. On the Intro Page, drag and drop a Multiple Choice question underneath your consent or privacy statement with two answer choices: Yes and No. See example question text below.
  6. Click the Options tab and check Require an Answer to This Question.
  7. Add Question Skip Logic to the No answer choice. Choose to disqualify respondents who select No.
  8. Edit the disqualification page for any collectors you add to the survey—respondents who select No will see this page.
TIP! Learn more about disqualification logic.

Example Question Text

Do you agree to the above terms? By clicking Yes, you consent that you are willing to answer the questions in this survey.
Do you consent with your personal data being processed as described above? You must click Yes in order to take the survey.
You can ask respondents to agree to your consent statement or your privacy policy or practices before taking your survey. Use Skip Logic to disqualify respondents who don't consent to your terms.

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