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Data Retention & Restoration of Deleted Data

We retain data associated with your user account, including personal information and survey data, for as long as you have a SurveyMonkey account and for such longer periods as may be required by applicable law. For example, we are required to retain limited billing data for 10 years for audit purposes even after an account is deleted.

If you have a paid plan which later downgrades to a non-paid plan, your data will be retained unless you delete your account entirely. There may also be restrictions on what data you can see in your account unless you upgrade back to a paid plan.

If you've deleted data, how long we retain deleted data is dependent on what was deleted and by whom. Choose the applicable section below:

Survey data deleted from within the account

You can delete surveys and data from within your account at any time. Survey data that you delete from your account will be rendered inaccessible, but is not permanently deleted immediately. We retain your data for a limited time to allow you to restore data that has been deleted accidentally.

Type of Data
How to Delete It
How to Restore It
QuestionsSee Deleting a QuestionSee Restoring Deleted Questions
ResponsesSee Deleting ResponsesSee Restoring Deleted Responses
SurveysSee Deleting a SurveySee Restoring Deleted Surveys

We do permanently purge deleted data so we cannot guarantee that we will be able to restore deleted data. The more recent the deletion, the more likely it will be able to be restored. Once deleted from your account, the data will be fully purged from our system within 90 days.

We generally do not use deleted survey data for any purpose other than to give you the opportunity to restore it. In limited circumstances, we may retain deleted data or the following legitimate reasons:

  • To comply with our legal obligations
  • To enforce our agreements
  • To resolve disputes
  • To enforce our agreements

In these cases, we ensure that access to the data is blocked except for the purposes for which we have been required to retain the information and the data is deleted as soon as that purpose no longer exists.

Account deleted from within the account

You can request to delete your account and survey data associated with it at any time. After you initiate the deletion of your account, the account is disabled immediately, but the account and survey data will be held in our database for 30–60 days until our next regularly scheduled deletion cycle, at which point it will be permanently deleted. You can contact us within that time frame to request that we restore the account. After the account is permanently deleted, we won't be able to restore it or the survey data it contained.

User account in a team deleted by an admin

The Primary Admin or Admin of a team can delete a user account from their team at any time. This disables the user account immediately, but its survey data will be held in our database for 30 days before being deleted. The Primary Admin can contact us within this 30-day time frame to request that we restore the account.

Residual copies of deleted data may remain on backup media as permitted by law. This data generally disappears after 90 days as old backup media gets overwritten with newer backups.


Account Ownership

SurveyMonkey is the owner of the tools used to build surveys and analyze data. Who we regard as the owner of your account and the data in it depends on your plan type listed in the Account Details section of the My Account page. Choose the applicable section below:

Team Plans (Non-Enterprise)

When you create a team, you may choose whether you're using SurveyMonkey for personal use or on behalf of your organization. This choice affects who we regard as the owner of that team and all the accounts in that team.

I'm using SurveyMonkey for personal useWe will regard the Primary Admin of the team to be the owner of that team and all the accounts in that team. The Primary Admin will be responsible for payment obligations and has the ability to manage all accounts in the team.
I'm using SurveyMonkey on behalf of my organization (such as your employer)We will regard that organization to be the owner of that team and all the accounts in that team. The Primary Admin manages team billing and all accounts in the team from within their account. However, the organization is ultimately responsible for payment obligations. If the Primary Admin is unavailable, we can also work with an authorized representative of the organization (who does not necessarily need to have an account) to help manage their team's accounts.

If you belong to a team but don't have Admin permissions, contact your Primary Admin to ask which option they've selected for your team.

If you need to change your ownership option, contact us.

Team Plans (Enterprise)

If you're part of an Enterprise team, we regard the organization to be the owner of an Enterprise team and all the accounts in that team.

This makes it easier for organizations to ensure they retain ownership and control of all surveys and survey data contained in the user accounts that belong to the team (including all Admin accounts). SurveyMonkey does not claim ownership of the survey questions your organization creates or responses it collects through its user accounts.

The organization, or an authorized representative of it, is responsible for payment obligations and has the ability to manage all the team’s accounts—even if that representative is not an account holder.

Individual Plans

If you have an individual plan, and have not joined a team version of one of those plans where the team is administered by someone else, you are the sole owner of, and are accountable for, the information created and collected using our system. Please abide by our Terms of Use at all times.


Data Privacy, Security & Confidentiality

We understand that survey responses can capture a wide range of information, some of which may be highly sensitive, confidential or proprietary—both to your organization as the survey creator, and to the individuals who may be providing you with their personal information. SurveyMonkey values the trust that our customers, whether they be individuals or large organizations, place in us by letting us be the custodians of their survey data.

Our Privacy Policy is a detailed document explaining how we handle your survey data that we encourage you to review. We aim to be transparent regarding our privacy practices so that there are no surprises with what happens with your data. We will not use your survey, or the information collected from your surveys, in any way other than as described in our Privacy Policy. We will make every effort to ensure that whatever information you provide will be maintained in a secure environment.

Our Security Statement describes the security measures SurveyMonkey employs to keep your data secure. Your data can only be handled appropriately if it is also handled and stored securely.

We also encourage you, as a survey creator, to engage in good privacy practices with respect to your respondents. This can help to improve response rates and the survey-taking experience. See Data Collection and Privacy Best Practices and Adding a Consent Statement or Privacy Policy for more information.

Data Storage

If your data is stored in a regional data center, you'll see its location listed in the Account Details on your My Account page. If you don't see anything listed, this means your survey data is being stored on servers located in the United States.

Visit our policy center to read more about our Canadian Data Center.

Getting customer service

In order to help you, our global customer support team (currently located in Ireland, Australia, Canada, and the USA) sometimes need to look at what's going on in your account. If you're not comfortable accepting customer service from outside of your country, you'll need to turn off this functionality in your account. Accepting support means our global customer service representatives can access your account and data for the purposes of helping you with your inquiries.

To accept or deny support:

  1. Go to your My Account page
  2. Under General Preferences you can choose whether or not you'll accept customer support outside of your region.
TIP! You can toggle this setting on and off if you'd only like to accept support for a short period of time.


Learn about account ownership, data privacy and security, and how long we retain your surveys and data.

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