Changing the Font on Your Form

In the Theme Designer, you can define the font, size, style, and color for all the different text elements throughout the forms that have that theme applied.

If, instead, you want to format specific text in your form (for example, if you want to bold one word), you'll need to use HTML formatting in the Form Builder, rather than the Theme Designer.

To change the fonts on your form:

  1. Click Themes in the header of your account.
  2. From the Theme dropdown menu all the way to the left, select an existing theme or create a new one.
  3. Select Typography from the list of properties.
  4. Under Typography, select the text element you want to edit. For example, Field Title.
  5. Click AaZz to open the Font Picker and browse through the different fonts—there are several pages and categories to browse through.
  6. When you find one you like, click the font to select it and click Pick this Font.
  7. In the Size menu, choose a font size.
  8. In the Style menu, choose from style options like bold or italic. The style options available vary depending on the font you chose.
  9. In the Colors menu, choose a font color from the color picker, or enter your own hex codes.
  10. Click Save Theme. If it's a new theme you'll also have to name your theme.
  11. Apply the theme to any of your forms or reports.

There are three types of fonts to choose from:

Font TypeDescription
System fontsThese are fonts that are already available on everyone's computer, so they'll load the fastest when people access your form.
Bell and Whistle fontsBell and Whistle fonts have a bit more flair.
These fonts are served from Wufoo's servers, so when someone loads your form, their browser must download these fonts at that time. Because of this, your form might take a little longer to load than if you were to pick a system font.
Typekit FontsIf you have a Typekit account, you can add fonts from one of your pre-made font kits into the Font Picker so you can use them for different elements in your themes. Learn more: Typekit Integration