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Adobe Fonts is a hosted service that allows designers and developers access to a library of high-quality fonts to use on their websites. Wufoo’s integration with Adobe Fonts allows you to use these fonts on Wufoo’s forms right from Wufoo’s Theme Designer.

To use this integration you'll need a Adobe Fonts account and a kit setup to allow Wufoo to use it. A kit is a collection of fonts you’ve specified can be used on a particular website.

TIP! Learn more about using Adobe Fonts in their documentation.

When you add a Adobe Fonts to the Font Picker, you can select any of the fonts contained in the kit just like you would any other font in the Font Picker.

To add a Adobe Fonts to the Font Picker:

  1. Click Themes.
  2. Click Typography from the Properties list and click any of the typography elements.
  3. Click on the Font and select Adobe Fonts in the left of the Font Picker.
  4. Enter your Adobe Fonts ID. You can find this in the kit's embed code.
  5. Click Get those fonts!