Choosing a Merchant for Your Payment Form

There's lots to consider when choosing the merchant that's right for you. Once you choose the merchant you want, see Collecting Payments for instructions on enabling payments on your form.

Use the table below to explore the merchant side, and the Wufoo side, of every payment integration we offer.

  • Use the Merchant Website column to explore the pricing and features of the merchants you're interested in using.
  • Use the Wufoo Documentation column to get a better understanding of how to set up the integration, and what the form experience will look when people fill out your payment form.

TIP! Read our blog post on How to Choose a Payment Processor for more tips on choosing the merchant that works best for you.

Use the table below to compare the currencies supported by each merchant.

  • Supported Currencies per Merchang

Wufoo integrates with 3 different PayPal solutions:

  • PayPal Standard - If you're looking for a more basic payment solution, we recommend PayPal Standard, which you can set up in minutes.
  • PayPal Website Payments Pro - If you're located in the United States, Canada, or Great Britain, with large volumes of monthly payments, and you want people to pay on your website, we recommend PayPal Website Payments Pro. Do keep in mind that this requires that you have a Premier or Business PayPal account, and the application can take a couple of days to process.
  • PayPal Payflow Pro - If your company is not American, Canadian, or British, or if you would like to use your own merchant account, we recommend taking a look at our PayPal Payflow Pro integration, which offers seamless integration and a comparable feature set to Website Payments Pro.

While Authorize.net is the only Payment Merchant that allows people to pay by eCheck, you can set up your form to make it easy for people to send you paper checks in the mail by using Page Rules. Learn more: Adding a Pay by Check Option to Payment-Enabled Forms