Publishing Named Content Assets

Our Named Asset question asks respondents to opt in or out to allowing you to use their name and company name when you publish their responses as TechValidate content. The content you publish will be attributed with the customer's name, job title, and company name as shown.

Follow these steps to create content with the respondent's name published:

  1. Navigate to your survey and click on the Responses by Person tab.
  2. Filter your results by AttributionNamed.
  3. Click on a respondent's name to view their response.
  4. Choose either Preview Case Study or Preview TechFact next to the response you want to publish.
  5. Make any necessary edits and follow the steps for publishing content.
  6. Click on Submit for approval.

Please note the warning on the top of the page: this respondent has consented to have his/her name and company name included in published research. However, before publishing this item, please ensure that you are not violating any existing agreements that prohibit identifying this person as your customer.

If you would not like to include the customer's name or company name on the content, you can request the source to be publicly blinded by leaving a note in the Notes for TechValidate Staff box.