Publishing Content

Once you have run a survey project to completion, it's time to look at your collected response data and publish! Watch the video tutorial below for some best practices about how to create TechFacts, quotes, charts, and case studies. 

Follow these steps to publish content:

  1. In your survey project, find the piece of content you want to publish by either going to the Responses by Question tab or Responses by Person tab.
  2. Depending on the type of content click on ChartsPreview TechFact, or Preview Case Study.
  3. On the editing page, apply any filters if applicable.
  4. Title: Add a unique title that reflects your marketing message.
  5. Internal Review (optional): if you would like to sandbox your content, check this option to keep it on hold in your Content Library.
  6. Tags (optional): Assign tags for easy internal organization/search key words.
  7. Request Revisions (optional): make any necessary edits and check for any spelling/grammatical errors.
  8. Request Revisions (optional): For special customization, leave a comment in the Note for TechValidate Staff box.
  9. Click on Submit for approval.