What kind of content can I create with TechValidate?

Once you have collected questionnaire responses from your customers, you can publish TechValidate content assets from those responses. The project workflow will walk you through the creation of these content assets:

  • TechFacts: Testimonials, reviews, and statistics about customer deployment
  • Case Studies: 1-page case studies that capture an individual respondent's answers to the survey
  • Charts: Interactive charts of customer deployment data

Some of the many ways you can leverage your TechValidate content assets:

  • TechFacts, case studies, and charts can be easily embedded directly in your website with the HTML code provided by TechValidate.
  • You can link to your public page in the TechValidate Research Library as a showcase of 3rd-party-verified research about your product.
  • TechFacts, case studies, and charts can be downloaded as image files for embedding in datasheets/whitepapers, presentations, and emails.
  • TechFacts and case studies can be excerpted when you need to present them in a text-only format.