Salesforce Integration Overview and FAQs

TechValidate offers an integration with Salesforce at an additional cost. The integration installs a tab in your Salesforce instance that automatic syncs your TechValidate content into Salesforce. This will provide your sales and internal teams with easy access to your TechFacts, quotes/testimonials, charts, and case studies in order to drive new business. 

If you're interested in purchasing the Salesforce integration, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager. 

Here’s a helpful video to get you started! There are two packages that need to be installed: 

  1. One is a custom package that adds a custom Salesforce Tab with an iframe of your public research library (reach out to your Customer Success Manager for your unique link). This view is updated in real time with any new changes to your research assets.
  2. The second is a package for the Data Sync (link found in this article). This package will allow for response data to be synced to any previously created Salesforce Contacts or Leads, matched by email address. The data sync package will never create any new Salesforce Contacts or Leads or affect any other Salesforce objects.

Fields in Salesforce: The following 6 fields are added to the Salesforce Contacts and Leads:

  • Satisfaction Rating
  • Satisfaction Reason
  • TV Updated At
  • Survey Details URL
  • Customer Reference Volunteer
  • Customer Reference Activity

In order for these fields to be visible on the Contact or Lead pages, you need to add them via the respective Contact or Lead page layouts in Salesforce. Once the fields are added via the layout options, it's important that whoever needs to view these fields has the correct permissions to do so. When installing the package, there are options to select which accounts have permissions, so if you’re not able to see these fields, please check with your Salesforce Admin if you have the permissions and if not, reinstall the package with correct permissions.

Once successfully installed. Responses need to be manually sent to Salesforce via the data sync button in the TechValidate app. There is no automatic sending of new responses -- the button must be pressed within the TechValidate app each time new responses are to be synced.

For more detailed information on installing the Salesforce integration, check out this article

Q: TechValidate Assets don't have updated info when viewed/downloaded. What gives?

A: Regenerate the asset via TechValidate admin. There is a button to do this per individual asset page and also to regenerate all assets per vendor on individual vendor pages. The job can sometimes take a little while to complete so check back later rather than clicking the button again.

Q: How do I update custom data or change recipient data for an individual project?

A: There are options to do both of these things in admin at the bottom of project recipient pages. Both require uploading a CSV with the new information. The CSVs need to be formatted as requested in the app, and the changes will only take effect for that particular project.

Q: How do I update person and company records in the database?

A: There is a person record fixer here that updates name and email, which will be reflected in any new projects the person is a recipient in: Company records can be changed here and are identified by email domain: Updating company info will affect all emails with domains listed in that company.