Creating Portals & Collections

TechValidate Research Portals and Collections allow you to build engaging, stand-alone customer evidence microsites in just a few minutes. Research Portals have become popular offers in lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns as a way to present curated collections of TechValidate content paired with vendor-supplied calls to action and links to additional product information. 

Collections are the building blocks of Research Portals. Curated Collections are groups of TechFacts, Case Studies, and Charts that you select and arrange by a common theme or message. They can be easily shared and embedded in blogs and websites.

TechValidate clients can create these in 5-10 minutes.

To create your Collection: 

  1. Click on Content Library.
  2. Click on Content Collections.
  3. Select New Collection.
  4. Select Curated or Smart Collection and type in your Title.
    • A curated collection allows you to manually select the content that you'd like to add to your collection.
    • A smart collection allows you to set specific rules around the content you'd like to automatically pull into your collection. The smart collection will automatically update as you publish content. 
  5. You can preview your Collection at any time by clicking View Public Page under Tools.

To create your Portal: 

  1. Navigate to the Content Library.
  2. Navigate to Research Portals and click +New Portal.
  3. Enter the product it is tied to and include a title.
  4. Select the Collections you wish to assemble into the Portal OR click to create a new Collection. Also, under Appearance, decide between Slideshow or Pinboard board style.
  5. Use the Preview option under tools to see how it looks.

Your Portal and Collection can now be shared in 4 main ways:

  • Through social media channels
  • Embedded on blogs or websites via the Collection Embed Designer
  • With your sales team or other teams who would benefit
  • On your Product Area in the public Research Library