Best Practices for Case Study Design

From your survey results, you can easily create short format Case Studies that can be leveraged by your sales and marketing teams and are downloadable, sharable, and which you can embed in websites or blogs. 


You can check out more examples in our Library here.

To create case studies in the tool, there are 3 required question types in your survey project, which then automate the response data into the 3 main sections of a TechValidate Case Study:

  • Challenges
  • Use Cases and Results
  • Testimonials

The Challenges question refers to the business challenge or problem that the organization solved by using your company or product. It can also include the reason why they purchased your product.


The Results question summarizes the primary benefits or operational impact the customer has gained with your product or service.


For each question you add in the Build A Questionnaire section, assign a Case Study Section. On the right-hand side, you will see once you have satisfied the requirement.


The responses to open-ended questions will populate into their own section in the Case Study.