Cross Tabbing Your Results

Cross tabbing allows you to drill down into the responses you’ve collected with one question and filter against responses to another question in your project for specified analysis. This feature will provide you with segmented results and the ability to publish highly targeted marketing assets that tell specific narratives.

Follow these steps to cross tab your results:

  1. Go to the Response by Question tab within your survey project.
  2. Navigate to Charts or Statistics for the question you would like to publish content from.
  3. Under Filters, click on the Crosstab button.
  4. Select the question you want to cross tab the current question against.
  5. Select the response value(s) for that question.
  6. Click Apply Cross-tab.
  7. Your results will now be sorted against the responses to the question you selected.
  8. Follow the steps for publishing content and click on Submit for approval.