Custom Sender Name & Email

ENTERPRISE FEATURE: If you're interested, contact sales. If you already have an Enterprise account, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

How it Works

A Custom Sender Name & Email lets you specify the display name and email address when you send surveys with the Email Invitation. It's what survey-takers see in the From field of the email asking them to take your survey. It replaces the SurveyMonkey sender name and email.

Using a Custom Sender Name & Email makes it more likely for your emails to be delivered and for survey-takers to open the survey and respond when they recognize your familiar and trusted brand.

Your team's Primary Admin can choose to set it up for the entire team or for specific members of your team. When turned on, team members can choose to update the display name and local name when selecting their email's collector options.

Replies to Email Invitations

Your Primary Admin can also choose a reply-to email address for any bounced emails or replies to email invitations sent using the Custom Sender Name & Email. The reply-to email can either be the survey sender's account email address or a listserv email. To know what to expect if you use a Custom Sender Name & Email, reach out to your Primary Admin.

Setting up a Custom Sender Name & Email

Image reading "[Display name] "

Your team's Primary Admin should reach out to their CSM to set up a Custom Sender Name & Email.

Here's a high-level breakdown of what to expect during setup.

Send us your chosen Custom Sender Name & Email

We need these details:

  1. Display name
  2. Local name
  3. Custom email domain. We recommend using a subdomain of your company’s domain.
  4. (Optional) Reply-to email address

Update your DNS

Your CSM will send you DKIM/CNAME and MX/SPF records that your IT department needs to add to your DNS.

Let us know once this is complete so your CSM can confirm everything looks good from our side. Otherwise, they can help you troubleshoot.

Start sending branded Email Invitations

The Primary Admin should let team members with Custom Sender Name & Email turned on know what to expect, including where replies to emails will go.

Once set up, surveys sent via Email Invitation will use the team’s Custom Sender Name & Email. Any emails sent or scheduled before the Custom Sender Name & Email was set up will send from the SurveyMonkey sender email address.

Editing the Custom Sender Name & Email

When Custom Sender Name & Email is turned on, team members can choose to personalize it when choosing collector options for an email invitation.

To update the Custom Sender Name & Email:

  1. Compose your invitation message and click Next.
  2. Click Custom Sender Name & Email.
  3. Click Change.
  4. Edit the display Name.
  5. Edit the local name section of the Email Address. The domain is set by your Primary Admin and can't be changed.
  6. Click Save.

What Survey-Takers See

From Field

When people see an email invitation in their inbox, the From field will look like this:

[Name] < Email >

To Field

Each person gets a unique email invitation and can only see their own email address in the To field.

Common Questions

  • Can we set up more than one Custom Sender Name & Email?
  • Is this feature available if my data is stored in the European Union (EU) or Canada?
  • Why do you recommend using a subdomain?