ENTERPRISE FEATURE: If you're interested, contact sales. If you already have an Enterprise account, contact your Customer Success Manager.

The Activity tab lets Primary Admins and Admins of teams with SSO enabled know what's been happening in their Enterprise Team.

To view the Activity of your team:

  1. Select My Team from the top navigation.
  2. Select Activity.
Image of Enterprise activity. There is a date, time, activity description, role assignment, email, and location for each member. There is also a place to filter members by username or email and dates. There is an export to .csv button.

The activity log records the date and time an action occurred, the name of the team member, an overview of what happened, and the location of the activity. Activity only includes the last 3 years of data.

You can Apply Filters to specify a Member, Start Date, and End Date. Once a filter is applied, you can Clear Filters to reset the log to display all activity.

Export your survey results as a CSV (Comma Separated Value). Click the Export to .CSV to download the file to your computer. CSV exports open in spreadsheet software programs, like Excel or Numbers.