Engage: Uploading Contacts & Mapping to Filters

SURVEYMONKEY ENGAGE:SurveyMonkey Engage is another SurveyMonkey product that helps improve employee engagement across your organization. If you're interested in learning more, contact sales.

Step 3 of on-boarding requires you to upload a CSV file of contacts. Click Upload your Employee List:

Three steps on how to upload an employee list. Step one says “set up your branding,” step two says “set up your custom filters,” and step three says “upload your employee list” with red arrow pointing to it.

Upload your a list of your organization’s employees to deploy the Engage survey.

To upload a CSV file:

  1. Click on Team in the dropdown
  2. Click +Upload a CSV
A red cursor pointing to a green “Upload a CSV” button on the SurveyMonkey Engage platform.

When the file is uploaded, you’ll see a Preview of the different rows in your list. Double-check that this is correct, and cancel the import if something looks off.

A “Map Your CSV Columns” header with a table featuring four rows with section titles: Email, First Name, Last Name, Department, Location, Manager, Birthdate, and Title.

When uploading a CSV file, map each Custom Data field to ensure it becomes a filter.

Scrolling down the page you’ll find the Field Mappings section. Select which columns in your CSV file to map to data fields below:

A field mappings screen showing ten dropdown menus with the text “Select CSV Column” inside each one.

When you are finished mapping each field, click “Import List”. You may need to refresh the page after a minute to see that the list has imported.