Zendesk Integration

You can use SurveyMonkey's integration with Zendesk let's you send SurveyMonkey surveys to your Zendesk customers. If you're a Zendesk Administrator, you can also use the integration to save survey data in custom fields on contacts.

Install the integration from our App Directory

Zendesk Agents and Administrators can quickly send surveys to any customer list.

To send a survey:

  1. Click on the integration in your Zendesk menu, select a list to send your survey to.
  2. Select the survey you'd like to send by clicking on it's title in the table and clicking Next at the bottom of the table.
  3. If you're an admin, you'll be given the option to sync your survey with your contacts. This step lets you store all or part of the survey response in Zendesk as custom fields for users. Click Skip Mapping to skip this step or read more about mapping below.
  4. The preview step shows you a preview of your email invitation. You can click Edit to edit the html of your invitation in SurveyMonkey. If the email looks good to you, click Send Email to send your survey.

You can store your survey responses in custom user fields on your contacts. Zendesk will store the most recent responses for customers who take your survey more than once. There are two ways you can choose to map:

  • Sync All: Select this option if you'd like to store the entire response on your contacts. This option automatically create custom fields for each question when the first response comes into your survey.
  • Sync Partial: Select this option if you'd like to store on part of your surveys response on your contacts. This option let's you choose individual survey fields and select which custom user fields you'd like to use to store them in. To use partial syncing you'll need to have your custom fields setup before you start the mapping process.