SurveyMonkey's Tableau integration lets you set up an extract to export survey responses and quiz results to Tableau Desktop using a Web Data Connector. You need Tableau Desktop version 10.1.6 or greater to use this integration.

Get the integration! The Tableau integration is available in English only as an Enterprise add-on. Contact sales »

  1. From within the Tableau integration, click New Extract.
  2. Find the survey you want to export responses from, click the ... underneath Actions.
  3. If you want to extract all response data, select Get Web Data Collector to get your extract link. If you'd like to filter which survey responses or metadata is included in your extract, select Filter Responses, set up your filter, and click Sync to Tableau to get your link.
  4. Copy and paste the link for the extract into Tableau Desktop using the Web Data Connector. You'll be prompted to login to your SurveyMonkey account.
  5. Choose which fields to include or transpose and click Import Responses to create your connection and pull in columns. Then click Update to pull in responses.

Before syncing to Tableau you can filter the extract if you want to include only certain kinds of responses. After you've set up a filter, click Sync to Tableau to generate your Web Data Connector link.

You can filter extracts by collector, status, or metadata.

  • Collector: Choose the collectors you want to include in your extract.
  • Status: Choose the response statuses to include in your extract.
  • Metadata: Enter or define the respondent metadata associated with responses to include in your extract, like responses that took longer than a minute or from a particular IP Address.