SurveyMonkey for Salesforce: Sending Reminder Emails

Get the integration! SurveyMonkey for Salesforce is an Enterprise add-on. Contact Sales or your Customer Success Manager (CSM). Limitation: The integration setup is only available in English.

If you use our SurveyMonkey for Salesforce integration, you can send reminder emails from Salesforce to encourage people to take your survey. You can create a custom object and flow to send a reminder email after a certain period of time.

This process works if you create your own mappings and use the Weblink Collector. These instructions won’t work if you use the managed package or create a SurveyMonkey Email Collector.

To send reminder emails from Salesforce, you need to: 

  • Build a custom object in Salesforce with specific fields
  • Create your Salesforce email templates
  • Create object mappings in SurveyMonkey
  • Build 2 flows in Salesforce that work together

Set up the following in Salesforce:

  1. Create a new custom object in Salesforce, or edit an existing one.
  2. Create a Sent Date field on the response object in Salesforce.
  3. On your object, create a checkbox field labeled Send Reminder Email. The checkbox field doesn’t need to be visible on the page layout, but the person setting up the Salesforce flow needs access to it.
  4. Create two email templates in Salesforce - one to send the survey, and one to send the reminder email.

In SurveyMonkey, set up mappings to update an existing record when a response is submitted. Map the Response Created attribute from SurveyMonkey to the Sent Date field you created in Salesforce.

At the Deployment Options, create a Weblink Collector. Paste this into your email template in Salesforce.

Create a flow to send your survey email when a certain condition is met. This flow should also check the box to send a reminder email.

  • Set the action to update the Send Reminder Email checkbox field.
  • Choose any time length. A typical length is 3-7 days after sending the survey.

Once you set up your mappings, create a flow that sends your reminder email.

Before sending your survey, test all flows to make sure they’re working as expected.