SurveyMonkey for Salesforce: Lightning Flows and Components

Get the integration! SurveyMonkey for Salesforce is an Enterprise add-on. You need to have the Salesforce integration to use Lightning Flows. Contact Sales or your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Limitations: Lightning Flows and Components aren't available to customers storing data in the EU data center and the integration setup is only available in English.

If you use our Salesforce integration and use Salesforce Lightning Experience, you have access to our Lightning flows and Lightning Components.

The Lightning flow lets Salesforce users take or send in-the-moment surveys directly from Account, Contact, or Lead objects. Salesforce users can take a survey within Salesforce, for example, to provide feedback that a customer gave a rep over the phone.

The SurveyMonkey Lightning component lets Salesforce users send a survey to one or more Contacts off any object. By default, it uses the email tied to the object, but you can send to a different email as long as the Contact already exists in Salesforce. A common use case is to send ad-hoc surveys to Contacts in Salesforce related to an object. For example, you can collect feedback for contacts cc’d on a case.

The Survey Response Visualization Lightning component lets you see the responses from the survey that were completed via the component or flow. Response data is stored in SurveyMonkey Response records, which are related to the object the survey was sent from.

Use the SurveyMonkey Setup Assistant from the App menu to set up your System Connections and create and manage survey sets for Lightning Flows. Users need permission to set up Lightning pages and Lightning setup—contact your Salesforce administrator if you need assistance.

To set up your System Connections and Lightning Flow Management:

  1. In Salesforce, click the App Launcher icon.
  2. Click SurveyMonkey Setup.
  3. In the Setup Assistant, click Get Started next to System Connections.
  4. Click Authorize and follow the instructions to set up a connection to Salesforce.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click Authorize and check the Create or edit survey responses in your account checkbox. Follow the instructions to establish a connection to SurveyMonkey.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Your System connection is now complete. Select Continue.
  9. Click + Add Survey Set to create a new survey set (you may need to refresh the page to see your surveys). If you want to edit a Survey set, click the (pen) Edit icon.
  10. Create a Survey Set Name.
  11. Select the Objects to Map—Contact, Lead, or Case.
  12. Select surveys from All Available Surveys, click > the arrow to move them to the Surveys In This Set field. You’ll need to update your survey set if you add additional surveys.
  13. Click Create Set.

Sending the survey from the component creates a new email invitation collector to send the survey and it uses default SurveyMonkey branding.

To add the component:

  1. Go to a record for the object you want to add the SurveyMonkey flow to send or take surveys.
  2. Click Setup (the gear icon).
  3. Click Edit Page.
  4. Scroll down to the Custom—Managed Components section.
  5. Drag and drop the SurveyMonkey and/or Survey Response Visualization components where you want them on the page layout.
  6. Click Save. You may have to click Activate if you don’t see the component on the page.

To add the flow:

  1. Go to a record for the object you want to add the SurveyMonkey flow to send or take surveys.
  2. Click Setup (the gear icon).
  3. Click Edit Page.
  4. Scroll up to the Standard section.
  5. Drag and drop Flow onto the page to open the right side option.
  6. Click on the default option to display the dropdown.
  7. Select surveyMonkeyFlow.
  8. Check Pass Record ID into the Variable checkbox.
  9. Select Save.