Embedding a Wufoo Form in a Survey

New! You can now create Forms in SurveyMonkey then embed them directly on your website.

You can embed a Wufoo form in a SurveyMonkey survey by using the iframe embed code snippet for your Wufoo form. You'll still have to view your form entries and survey responses separately, but embedding a form in your survey would let you take advantage of certain field types and features unique to Wufoo.

If you need to be able to match your Wufoo entries with particular survey respondents, make sure to include a field in your form that will allow you to match up the results.

To embed a Wufoo form in a SurveyMonkey survey:

  1. Log in to your Wufoo account and copy the iframe Embed Code from the Share page of your form.
  2. In your SurveyMonkey survey, drag and drop Text from the Build section into your survey.
  3. Click in the rich text editor.
  4. Click the Embed tab.
  5. Paste the iframe Embed Code.
  6. Click Ok.
  7. Click Save.

TIP! The Submit button for your Wufoo form and the Next or Done button for your survey will both be present on the page, and respondents need to click both—one to submit the form entry to Wufoo, and the other to submit that page of responses to SurveyMonkey. We suggest adding instructions to the page to remind respondents to click both buttons.