Engage: Uploading Contacts & Mapping to Filters


Engage: Uploading Contacts & Mapping to Filters

SURVEYMONKEY ENGAGE:SurveyMonkey Engage is another SurveyMonkey product that helps improve employee engagement across your organization. If you're interested in learning more, contact sales.

Step 3 of on-boarding requires you to upload a CSV file of contacts. Click Upload your Employee List:

Upload your a list of your organization’s employees to deploy the Engage survey.

To upload a CSV file:

  1. Click on Team in the dropdown
  2. Click +Upload a CSV

When the file is uploaded, you’ll see a Preview of the different rows in your list. Double-check that this is correct, and cancel the import if something looks off.

When uploading a CSV file, map each Custom Data field to ensure it becomes a filter.

Scrolling down the page you’ll find the Field Mappings section. Select which columns in your CSV file to map to data fields below:

When you are finished mapping each field, click “Import List”. You may need to refresh the page after a minute to see that the list has imported.