Creating a Real-Time Poll

Use a one question survey to poll your audience in real-time.

Many organizations use GetFeedback for real-time polling in presentations and keynote addresses. This can be an effective mechanism to connect with an audience and have them participate in the direction of the presentation.

This style of polling is extremely effective in settings like:

  • training sessions
  • keynote presentations
  • demo jams
  • marketing focus groups

You can easily distribute a survey link to your audience in real-time by distributing the survey to those in the audience via text message, email, or private/public social media. You can also use the GetFeedback survey link and display that as part of the presentation on the screen. Audience members then simply type the URL into the browser on their devices to access the survey.

GetFeedback Summary Report screens update in real-time without requiring a browser refresh, so you can view your summary data in real-time.