Get Feedback When Respondents Leave a Site

Run an exit survey to learn why users are leaving your web page and get feedback about their experiences with the site. This feedback may be valuable in increasing your conversion rates.

To create an exit survey:

  1. In, create a new web campaign. Choose either a full page survey or slide out survey.
  2. Add any questions you want to ask about your website or the respondent's experience.
  3. When setting up User targeting, select Show your survey to certain visitors.
  4. Toggle on the option Visitors potentially exiting the page after, then set the amount of time. This option targets users who move their cursor away from the web page after the set time period.
  5. Finish setting up your campaign. You can add more targeting options, if needed.

If you add multiple targeting conditions, a site visitor needs to meet all conditions to view your survey.

Save and activate your survey to start getting feedback as respondents leave your site.