The Trello integration uses Webhoods by Zapier to retrieve feedback from your GetFeedback account and send it to your Trello account. The webhook pushes new feedback items to Trello and creates a card, list, or board. You can choose which elements of your feedback form to include on your Trello cards, lists, and boards.

GetFeedback Admins and Power Users can set up integrations.

You’ll need a Zapier account to use our Trello integration.

First, set up a webhook in Zapier. We'll send feedback items to this webhook.

When creating your webhook:

  • Choose Catch Hook for your event.
  • If desired, you can set up your webhook to Pick off a Child Key. This tells the webhook to only grab the child key instead of giving you the entire payload of the webhook.

When it’s time to test your webhook, copy the webhook URL. You’ll use this URL to set up the webhook in GetFeedback. Leave this page open while you set up the webhook in GetFeedback. You’ll need to come back and test the webhook later.

You can only set up one Zapier integration per feedback button.

To set up the Zapier webhook in GetFeedback:

  1. In, select your account in the bottom left corner, then select Account Settings.
  2. Select the Integrations tab.
  3. Select Zapier.
  4. Set up the integration:
    • Button: Select the web button to integrate with the webhook.
    • Push Feedback: Choose when to send feedback:
      • Manually: Only send feedback when you want.
      • With an email address: Automatically push all feedback items in which the email address field contains data.
      • With a comment: Automatically push all feedback items that contain comments.
      • With an email address or comment: Automatically push all feedback items that contain an email address or a comment.
      • All items: Automatically push all feedback items to the webhook.
    • URL: Enter the webhook URL.
    • Enable: Check the box to turn on the integration when you save it. You can enable or disable it later.
  5. Select Save.

Once you’ve set up the webhook in GetFeedback, go back to Zapier and test your webhook. Below the webhook URL in Zapier, select Test trigger to make sure it’s working correctly.

Now that you have the GetFeedback connected to Zapier with a webhook, set up the Zap to forward any feedback to Trello.

To set up Trello in Zapier:

  1. For the App event, search for and select Trello.
  2. Select the action Trello should perform when feedback is given.
  3. Sign into Trello or connect your account.
  4. Customize the action. This determines how your board, card, or list looks when you send feedback to Trello.
  5. Test your action.
  6. When you’re ready, publish the Zap.

If you enabled the integration in GetFeedback, we’ll start sending feedback items to Trello using the webhook.

If you didn’t enable the integration, you can turn it on at any time. If you want to stop sending feedback to Trello, you can disable the integration at any time.

To enable or disable the integration:

  1. From, select your username in the bottom left corner, then select Account Settings.
  2. Select the Integrations tab.
  3. Scroll to the Trello integrations section, then select the integration to edit.
  4. To enable the integration, check the Enable box.
  5. To disable the integration, uncheck the Enable box.
  6. Select Save.